Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you prepare for your upcoming academy experience:


  • What do I need to bring?
CLICK HERE to download a list of tools each attendee must have
  • Do I need to bring my own mannequin head?
We provide you with a mannequin head for the styling portion of the academy, and for the cutting portion you will get a different mannequin head—this mannequin head will be yours to keep after the academy.
  • Do I need to bring my own products?
Absolutely not. We provide you with our products. This way, besides learning styling and cutting techniques, you will also learn how to use our products.
  • Can I get CEUs?
When you are licensed in Ohio or Illinois, you can get 15 credit hours total.
  • Do I really need ALL the required tools?
What you bring is ultimately up to you but this small list will bring you the most success for your academy training. Obtaining the proper required tools, will be the only way to master the techniques of the pro’s. Another plus is that you will have your full kit ready to walk into your salon Tuesday morning and bring your excitement to life! Don’t loose your motivation by not investing in your training. You will not only be prepared but inspired as well.
  • I noticed an asterisk next to the academy dates, because dates are subject to change.
In case this happens, what happens to my flight and hotel bookings and academy payment? Since the first academy, we have not once had to change the dates, but in the unfortunate event it happens, we will do everything in our power to help you with your hotel situation. We, however, are not responsible for flight changes/cancellation fees and/or the refund of a flight ticket. Therefore we strongly recommend to book flights that have no change/cancellation fees and can get refunded. The tuition to the academy will go toward a future date (no extra charge in case our tuition goes up in price) or we will issue you a refund for the total amount you paid towards the tuition.
  • I’d like to share my room with another attendee to reduce my costs; how do I go about that?
If you let us know, we will contact the other attendee and vice versa and ask your and their permission to exchange contact information.
  • I am not licensed yet but am going to cosmetology school; can I attend your academy?
Our answer is yes, because you are working strictly on a mannequin head. However, your local State Board might have restrictions. Have your school contact them and inquire.
  • Do I get a certificate at completion of the academy?
Yes, we are very proud of our certificate and we are certain you will want to frame it. Because of this certificate, it is extremely important you check the spelling of your name in your confirmation letter/e-mail. Please let us know a.s.a.p. if your name is spelled incorrectly.
  • What time does the academy start?
Day one starts at 8:00 AM for registration. Day two starts at 7:00 AM with the business bonus class. Hands-on cutting starts at 8:00 AM.
  • What time does the academy end?

Day one ends at 7:00 PM with either the image making or product knowledge bonus classes. The hands-on styling class ends at 5:00 PM. Day two ends around 4:30 - 5:00 PM.

  • Do you already know about any future academy dates?
As soon as we have new academy locations with their dates, we post it on our website and send an e-mail to all salons in our database, plus stylists who gave us their contact info. We also contact past attendees that attended an academy at that location before.
  • I heard you have waiting lists. Does being on the list mean you guarantee a close second date to a sold-out location that I am interested in?
No, we cannot guarantee a close second date. We need at least 50 stylists on the list to be able to consider making a close second date happen. However, depending on how high up on the list you are, you will be one of the first to get notified of any cancellations within the original academy date. If that does not happen, all stylists on the list will get notified immediately when a future date at that location is confirmed.
  • The hotel does not know anything about a special Aquage rate; why is that, what do I do?

The room block for this rate is limited, meaning a limited amount of rooms and a limited amount of time. The special Aquage rate ends at least four weeks prior to the academy date (sometimes sooner). We advise our attendees to not wait too long with making their hotel reservation; if you do, the amount of rooms might sell out. If this happens close to the announcement date of the new academy location, give the hotel a few days to process this rate into their system. It takes up to 7 business days for some hotels to process this.

  • Do you still have availability to a certain academy?
We sell out of academy spots at a tremendous speed, and we try to post the sold-out academies on our website as soon as this happens. Our advice: do not wait too long to sign up because a date for one of our academies seems far in the future.
  • How many stylists do you accommodate?
Depending on the venue we can accommodate around 120 attendees; do not let this number scare you. We book our educators according to the number of attendees, so the size of the academy will not affect the help and personal attention you will get.
  • Will I be placed with my fellow salon stylists that signed up?
Yes, we automatically put stylists from the same salon together. If more than 6 stylists come from the same salon, we divide them among other tables, but you will never be placed alone with stylists that do not go to your salon.
  • Will I be placed with my friend who also signed up?

If at registration you let us know a friend(s) are going to attend the same academy as you, absolutely you will be placed together. There will only be a problem if we aren’t told. Please make sure you let us know when signing up or if you forgot to mention it, contact us as soon as you can. At least give us 7 days notice.

  • I ran into an unforeseen conflict and now I won’t be able to make it to the academy; what are my options?
- We can transfer your tuition to a future Aquage academy. When you decide on a future date, you are responsible for any balance due of the original academy and the difference in price of the new academy chosen (if there is a tuition increase). 

- If you cancel 30 days prior to the academy date you can get a full refund of the amount you paid towards your tuition.

- If you cancel within 30 days of an academy, the amount you paid towards your tuition is non-refundable but can be transferred to any future Aquage academy. You will be responsible for any balance due and difference in price of tuition if applicable.

- If a salon owner purchased your ticket, they can let another stylist of their salon go in your place, but we do need to be notified immediately.
  • Is there a dress code for the academy?
No, come dressed comfortably. Just FYI, all of us at Aquage are dressed in blue; we are sure that does not come to you as a surprise. So that being said, if you want to feel closer to the Aquage family, come in blue.
  • Do we get breaks?
We only break for lunch for an hour each day. We want to give you as much education as we can possibly fit in, but that does not mean you are not allowed to take a breather or go to the powder room. Just hope you don’t mind, we keep on going while you do what you gotta do!
  • Where do I go for lunch; should I bring a lunch and/or snacks?
We at Aquage provide you with lunch both days. If you’d like, bring some snacks to keep you going throughout the day.
  • I have food allergies; can I still eat your lunches or do I need to bring my own lunch?
Notify us upon registration and we will do everything in our power to provide you with a lunch that agrees with you.
  • I am a vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan, etcetera, can I still eat your lunches or do I need to bring my own lunch?
Notify us upon registration and we will do everything in our power to provide you with a lunch that satisfies your dietary needs.
  • I want to get a hold of your products, dvds, brushes, capes, etcetera before the academy or during; where can I purchase them?

We will be selling incredible bag deals at our academies that come with product, brushes and dvds in an Aquage bag. We also sell individual brushes, capes, dvds and multiple Conair professional styling tools. We accept credit cards, personal checks or cash.

  • Will you have your entire Aquage and Biomega line available at the academy?
No, only certain products (the ones you will use the most during our academy). Note that we do provide you with products to work with during the hands-on classes.
  • I’m not really comfortable with styling, updos and such; I’m more of a cutter. Would I still like your academy?
The most returning comments we get after our academies from stylists like yourself is that they have gained a new appreciation of styling and by attending gained the confidence to do so.
  • I’m not really confident when it comes to cutting; will this part of the academy be too hard for me?           I don’t want to look foolish.
Relax. This is actually the perfect academy for you, because we teach the basics first, which are a necessity to be able to achieve more advanced techniques, which are also included in this academy.
  • I am really nervous, should I be?
No silly, we pride ourselves to make everyone feel at home and just part of one big Aquage family. We want you to experience and take in as much as you can. Your nerves will only stand in the way of being able to do just that to the fullest. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO BE NERVOUS OR INTIMIDATED!!!!
  • I am currently not working in a salon; I started working on my own or I am in the middle of moving salons; can I still attend?
Yes, absolutely! We do not discriminate, ha-ha!
  • On the academy registration form it asks me for my distributor and sales consultant; why is that?            (What if I don’t know their name?)
We like to thank the sales consultant that got you interested in signing up for our academy. Without them we would not be as successful as we are. (If you can, please ask your salon owner or manager, they probably would know)
  • I am an elite salon; can I use my education fund toward an academy tuition?

Absolutely, but you have to have enough in your fund to cover the total amount of a tuition. For more info and help with this, contact Wanda at or call 216.225.7477 (cell).

  •  Do I have to sign up by fax, mail or email, or can I do it over the phone too?
I love signing you up over the phone—it is just more personable. But keep in mind to bare with me by making you spell out most of the info; I am a (legal) foreigner, and I milk that excuse for all it is worth, ha-ha! On a serious note, I am here for you so yes call me.
  • Our salon does not carry Aquage, can I still attend?

What’s wrong with you guys, no Aquage in your salon? Just kidding, of course you can attend. If there are still unanswered questions remaining, do not hesitate to contact Wanda Alvarez at, cell: 216. 225. 7477 or 203.316.4357